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In 2015, I decided to follow my passion and began making African inspired fashion. I noticed that, although there were a lot of African brands emerging they didn’t cater for my particular issues. Firstly I had a medical problems which meant I had a lot of bloating. I could wake up in the morning one size and then come home and my stomach was two sizes bigger. That meant I was very limited in terms of the sort of clothing I could wear. The second issue was that at around the same time I began to lose a lot of weight through low carb eating and I had to discard my entire wardrobe because of it. I wish there was clothing that could transition as my body went up and down so I could still wear the clothes that I had invested so heavily in.

I loved making clothes and really felt that it was my passion. The response I got was so encouraging and affirming, so I did my best to pull myself into my business. It became apparent to me though that the business side of things was not my strength. I struggled to keep on top of the organisation side of things. I would also regard myself as a togetherness person and I missed having someone to bounce ideas off. I remember literally praying to God asking for a business partner who would be primarily responsible for the business side and I would lead in the creative side, but who also was a creative and would allow me to speak into the business side. I knew that I needed somebody who had the same passion as me and did not just see the business as a way of making money. I prayed my prayer with all my heart and let it go to God. 

Unbeknownst to me, at the same time, Ola was praying for a business idea that he could believe in and love to do. He wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself. Although he was involved in investments, business ideas had eluded him.

When we met, we didn’t even discuss business. We had no idea that each other was business oriented at all. We actually worked for the same organisation in the same office. We realised through Facebook that we had a work friend in common. Eventually we connected, and one thing led to another and our relationship started.

When Ola eventually came to see what I did, initially he was just pleased for me but as we kept talking, we realised we had alot of like-minded-ness about fashion, fabric and life. As our relationship grew, so did our ideas. Over time we decided to join forces and created a new brand with a joint vision and a new customer base. The rest as they say is history.

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